Interview with Jayce Ooi, the blogger of Jayce Ooi’s Paradise

About Jayce Ooi’s Paradise
Jayce OoiIt is a place that discuss photography, programming, technology, finance and other interesting stuffs. Basically, it is where Jayce Ooi shares his knowledge about all area that he is interested. :) Jayce Ooi works as Information System Engineer in Intel Corporation currently. And he likes to take photographs very much. Therefore, you can see a lot of beautiful photographs at Jayce Ooi’s Paradise.

1. How long have you been blogging and what interest you to start your own blog?

Jayce starts to blog at late of March 2007. Decided to have own blog after Bernie (, friend’s persuasion.

2. Can you tell us what your blog’s about?

Photography. It is most taking about photography for the moment after Jayce brought his first SLR camera. No choice. He likes to take photograph very much. Other than photography, he also like to blog about programming, finance and technology…

3. Where do you get your inspiration and stories for your blog and how often do you blog?

Works, friends, websites, everywhere that Jayce can find it sources. He updates Jayce Ooi’s Paradise 3-4 times weekly. Daily update if time is permitted. Anyway, he will check on his blog comments everyday.

4. Has it been easy to drive traffic to your blog and can you share the strategy you used to build traffic to your blog?

Building traffic is not an easy task for Jayce. He learnt a lot just to increase his blog traffic like everyone do. However, building up traffic take time. He believes in “Write the best post that interest other will make people come to your site.” And it does help to increase traffic. Join community will also help.

5. Do you monetize your blog using pay per click advertising and how successful has it been for you?

No. It will make Google PageRank drops.

6. Do you use any statistics application to analyze keywords and traffic data to your blog?

Google Analytics is the best tool that Jayce is using right now.

7. Based on your blogging experience, would you like to share a few pointers on how to succeed at blogging?

Be yourself. Write what you like. Find other blogs that have same interest with you. Interact with them.

8. And finally, would you consider becoming a problogger in the near future?

Sure. Why not? Everyone who blog should target for that. :)

About the Author

a tech junkie and a software developer. a apple fan and an avid photographer. a frequent traveller and loves art and graphic novels. My Google+